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For example, kernel 2.6.24-24-generic stores its kernel modules in: When I compile the 2.6.24-24-generic Ubuntu kernel according the "Alternate Build Method: The Old-Fashioned Debian Way" I get the appropriate modules directory and all my devices work except those requiring firmware such as my Intel wireless card (ipw2200 module).The kernel log shows for example that when ipw2200 tries to load the firmware the kernel subsystem controlling the loading of firmware is unable to locate it: (The function returning ENOENT puts a minus in front of it.) I tried creating a symlink in /lib/firmware where my kernel's name pointed to the 2.6.24-24-generic directory, however this resulted in the same error.If nothing is returned, your card is either not supported or the driver is not included in Ubuntu.You should refer to the Ubuntu Forums for further support.

With the drivers identified, it is time to configure the Linux kernel. Some wireless drivers also require a rate control algorithm.

I'm compiling a custom kernel under Ubuntu and I'm running into the problem that my kernel doesn't seem to know where to look for firmware.

Under Ubuntu 8.04, firmware is tied to kernel version the same way driver modules are.

For integrated wifi cards: Sometimes, however, the module alone is not enough.

Some types of card (Intel for example) also need firmware.