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Not validating steam cache files

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Do not run the verification process while performing other system-intensive processes, such as defragmenting your hard drive or scanning for viruses.

Do not run this process for multiple games at the same time.

Advanced Features include: AJAX/Web Services, XML/JSON Data Viewer, API data/Execution.

Load View - Cloud-based, fully-managed performance testing tool from Dotcom-Monitor.

And we’ll discuss the possible uses for RAID1-Re FS. It’s important to note that adding or removing a drive from the volume will destroy all data on the disk, so exercise caution.

Creating a RAID volume is now really easy using You will then create the storage pool. You will then see configurable options for creating the storage pool.

Valve recently added the 'Number of days since last ban' field to the Steam Community profiles.

We're currently updating the 'First seen as banned' date on our pages to the last ban if it is older than the one we currently have.

This will help clean and correct any missing or corrupted data detected by Steam.

The two parts you need to pay attention to are: (1) Resiliency type and (2) File system.

Resiliency type with two drives is limited to either Two-way mirror (RAID1) and Simple (RAID0). If you choose Simple, your only option is NTFS, as Re FS is designed for two or more drives.

Check listed tool/vendor sites for latest product capabilities, supported platforms/servers/clients, etc; new listings are periodically added to the top of each category section; date of latest update is shown at bottom of this page.

Also see Web Site Testing FAQ in the FAQ Part 2 for a discussion of web site testing considerations; also see What's the best way to choose a test automation tool?