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“Going All the Way Is Just the Start (A Song in Six Movements)” has, thanks to Foley and De Vito, the album’s best and most unashamedly bombastic chorus, but it’s at least seven minutes too long and could do with, oh, let’s say five fewer movements.

When De Vito howls, “Sometimes it’s the flesh / And the way it seems to YEAARRRRN” like she’s surrounded by people in cat costumes, that’s the exact moment when your bow tie starts spinning. There’s a song here called “Loving You’s a Dirty Job (But Somebody’s Gotta Do It)” that does not live up to that title, which is bad news for a dude whose whole gig is living up to his song titles.

'Danny can be quite the flirt and because of his powerful status in Hollywood, he's not ashamed to abuse his position and chat-up young, aspiring woman looking to make it in the industry, said the source.

Danny - who is five feet tall - has often talked of how he learned to charm women in his bachelor days, saying: 'I learned how to dance real good.

The back half gets all digital and surly and apocalyptic: “Skull of Your Country” is a weird “Total Eclipse of the Heart” reprise full of corpses, drones, and rivers/highways of blood.

(Meat Loaf is a itself, and others are from less prominent endeavors long past.

Marvin Lee Aday is a singer and occasional actor who, for reasons never definitively answered, has recorded under the name Meat Loaf.

In all likelihood a childhood nickname, the tag stuck, and many puns followed as the performer -- who tipped the scales at well over 300 pounds -- became one of the biggest chart acts of the 1970s before enjoying a commercial renaissance two decades later. The product of a family of gospel singers, he moved to Los Angeles in 1967 and formed a group known as both Meat Loaf Soul and Popcorn Blizzard.

Then, completely ignoring the warnings of others, and his pain, he continued his search for wounded, exposing himself to hostile fire; and, as bullets dug up the dirt around him, he held plasma bottles high while kneeling completely engrossed in his life saving mission.

Portrait of, from left, musicians Karla De Vito, Meat Loaf, and Bruce Kulick as they pose backstage at My Father's Place nightclub, Roslyn, New York, November 22, 1977.

De Vito & Kulick were part of Meat Loaf's band, Neverland Express.

Although painfully wounded his desire to aid his fellow soldiers transcended all personal feeling.

He bandaged his own wound and self-administered morphine to deaden the pain enabling him to continue his dangerous undertaking.