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It was easier for them to stay He has had them before but he never told anyone about them.

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Johnson is the first presidential hopeful that the Teapot group has endorsed.

But just in case they did, he's about to remind them with the I Am T-Pain Tour, beginning March 6 in Sacramento.

Ke$ha couldn't keep her hands off several Vegas strippers at Larry Flynt's Gentlemen's Club last week -- personally stuffing STACKS of bills in their g-strings -- and T-Pain watched the whole thing!!!

This week, Atlanta trio Migos scored their first-ever No.

forgive me for what I'm 'bout to say Dear Barry Weiss, I know you told me not to worry about it man but I can't let it ride Dear God, let's make it happen, hahahaha Ha ha! (Ay, ay, listen) [Verse 2: T-Pain] It ain't all bad, some of it please me But the only niggas that's cool is Kanye and Lil Weezy (DAMN!

I'm trying to be you nigga (yeah nigga) Watch me do me, watch me do me, watch me do me, watch me do me YEAH! ) I'm a hit-maker, not a comedian So why the fuck were these niggas laughing at me when I seen they ass? ) Get 'em [Verse 3: T-Pain] Yo, let me get a moment of silence, for the late great Roger Troutman Y'all niggas ain't holdin him down, so we had to put me at you Bitch, I'm Teddy Pain, the son of Teddy Riley The father of the game, you pussy niggas wild'n How many niggas really wanna test?

Some of her advisors had raised this in the past.'Whilst shooting a music video shoot 2012, Luke - who has also worked with celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Rihanna - told the Die Young songstres that she 'looks like a f***ing refrigerator,' reports TMZ.

But you don't give a fuck, you just a swagger jacker Now I'm a certified Lamborghini-ist and Cadillac-er (ooh yeah) Cause I'm trying to feed my kids, y'all niggas can die slowly Cause just to me, it sounds like a bunch of karaoke [Interlude: DJ Khaled & T-Pain] Y'all singin the same old song Y'all some karaoke niggas, karaoke fuck niggas This is Nappy Boy, this is DJ Khaled! [Outro: DJ Khaled] Aiyyo Pain, man I'mma call these niggas out I'mma pull them skirts, man They fuck - aiyyo, let me get them! It's the DJ Khaled don-dada Big dog pitbull Terror Squadian A.

According to reports, Javona Glover was stabbed to death on Tuesday morning outside of a Walgreens drug store, where she was also an employee.

The authorities have revealed that Glover died at the scene after being found by paramedics bleeding heavily.

Opening the shows are a pair of artists signed to T-Pain's Nappy Boy Entertainment: rapper Young Cash and singer Vantrease.

Tickets are available at T-Pain's awesomely-titled official website, Illuminappy. Below is a complete list of upcoming dates from T-Pain.