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Global horizons consolidating a travel program

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Network with peers who have similar programs and/or resources, and discover new ideas and solutions that may work for your company.Sometimes even a small thing like breaking the ice can be difficult.This one, between Alaska and jet Blue, leaves just ten large US carriers, down from 18 a decade ago.With this merger, the industry is structured as follows: Most analysts conclude that the four large carriers cannot merge with any of the remaining six carriers for antitrust reasons.

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A global education helps students begin to understand how to negotiate these differences, strengthening abilities to successfully live and work in our increasingly global society.Thanks are also due to outgoing chairs of standing committees, professional and interest groups -- Michele Barry, Jane Chiodini, Charlie Ericsson, Larry Goodyer, Assunta Marcolongo and Anne Mc Carthy.A special thanks to Robert Steffen for looking after the journal so expertly for the past 8 years, before handing over to Eric Caumes to continue the excellent work, and to Karl Neumann for his talent and dedication at compiling News Share, a challenge now passed into the capable hands of Peter Leggat.I would also like to recognize and thank Christoph Hatz, Mary Wilson, Christina Greenaway and Leo Visser, for steering the Scientific Programme Committee, and David Hamer for leading the Local Organizing Committee, for what has been a truly wonderful CISTM12 here in Boston. Alan, you have been inspirational to me these past two years -- in the way you deal with people, your insight, vision and they way you approach problems.You are compassionate and always demonstrate a true sense of what is fair, and right and proper -- always with the best interests of the society in mind -- even though that often means making some tough calls.Our commitment to this global perspective is reflected in our curriculum, in our commitment to off-campus study, and also in the 13 percent of our student body who come from abroad to study here in the U. From the European, Middle Eastern, and Asian languages that we teach, the international and area studies minors we offer, to the many study abroad opportunities we provide, we invite students to extend the classroom far beyond the campus.