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You wonder if you should hold out longer next time – maybe then the next guy will stick around and actually get to know you.

The thing that really pisses me off about this is that it takes two people to have sex. just suppress yourself and wait for his approval.” Shame is something that should NEVER be associated with sex.

If you feel like you have to play games to keep someone in your life, they aren’t someone worth keeping.

Cut your losses, be thankful you figured this out sooner rather than later, and move on.

They are inserted a few months after birth, everyone has them. Smartass Answer: Wow, the American education system really is in crisis. She holds a Doctorate in Natural Sciences, a Diplom from Germany, and an MSc from Sweden.

Smartass Answer: facepalm This is actually a popular troll question, that has been posted several times on Yahoo! Smartass Answer: I choose to worship God because I prefer worshiping real things over movie characters anytime. Yes, that’s also the best answer selected by the Asker. Subtitle: Would my cat like the heat from about 15 seconds in the microwave? Her analytical background has helped her excel as a technology journalist at Make Use Of, where she's heading the Windows and Productivity sections.

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Which is why I’ve decided that these brave, honest, vulnerable people need the answers they so desperately want. Now I’m just spitballing here, but I’m pretty sure this is a sign that she likes you and might even want to do more than just kiss you. You’ll also never be able to make her fall in love with you, because you can’t make people fall in love with you. If she hates you for no reason, you’ll never be able make her fall in love with you.As the editor of Make Use Of Answers I see a lot of tech-related questions every day.Before I wrote this, I searched up on the topic and read every result in the first couple pages of Google. That’s like going fishing and not catching anything, then coming back and telling people there aren’t any fish. Ever had sex with someone, only to regret it and feel it was too soon? I was pulling my hair out halfway through, and I don’t want you to do that. Unfortunately the majority of people giving dating advice are basing their opinion entirely on personal experience.Perhaps you’re trolling the internet during your morning coffee break or maybe just slacking off at work.