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When the vehicles go to Dokovo to find Nikolai's house, one overhead shot shows the vehicles driving along with flags flying on the driver's side of each.Every other shot (overhead and ground level) shows the flags on the passenger side, indicating that this overhead shot has been reversed. Dern, meanwhile, plays a prominent officer in the Resitance named Vice Admiral Holdo.Unfortunately, little else is revealed about the two characters.

Il a été récompensé par l'Oscar du meilleur acteur dans un second rôle pour son rôle dans Traffic (2000) et par le prix d'interprétation masculine du Festival de Cannes pour son rôle de Che Guevara dans Che (2008).Il obtient un peu plus tard ses premiers petits rôles au cinéma entre autres dans Permis de tuer (1989) en devenant le plus jeune adversaire de James Bond.On le retrouve ensuite dans des seconds rôles dans État second (1993) et surtout dans (1995) de Bryan Singer.Shows run by white men tend to lead to more shows led by white men." The Solution: We are barrelling toward a potential future in which every show is run by a white man, stars a white man, is populated by white men, and features plotlines exclusively focused on the way white men avoid considering their own mortality — i.e., baseball and date rape and elaborate drinking games.It is important that we head this off at the pass (which is a thing old-timey white men say in movies directed by other white men).Dern is repped by CAA, Untitled Entertainment and Gang, Tyre.