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It was not because her relationship with the wealthy Alastair Lam did not advance ideally and ensuing “gold digger” ellegations by the media and public.

Bernice’s eyes brimmed with tears as she spoke about falling ill over Lunar New Year, with the lower right side of body becoming immovable.

This is my day job and I have watched literally hundreds of human clients who have struggled with GAD so I feel qualified to diagnose my dog.

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Regarding allegations in dating two men at the same time and branded as a gold digger, Bernice revealed that she had broken up [with Moses Chan] in 2008.In a recent interview with Face Magazine, Bernice Liu Bik Yee’s voice grew emotional and her eyes became red.It was not because her ex-boyfriend, Moses Chan Ho, did not reveal their relationship publicly. Post your great date story, engagement announcement or anniversary on this page.At, we're excited and proud of all of our successful couples! We met on this site 11 years ago, Married 3 years now!!! We live a wonderful life We are truly living the fairy tale "And WE Live Happily Ever After" Thank-Q L Date!!! I'm hoping I don't need it ever again (smile) I feel like remaining on this site can become problematic. Again, thanks for the forum that has allowed me to find happiness.I think a person gets beaten up for so long that, like in any prize fight, eventually you are so punch-drunk that it’s impossible to stand up straight; and it seems like you will never stand tall again. Counseling is hard enough to believe in when things are going your way.