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It is also a major centre for medical tourism in India.

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Being a black Yank is boring (not unlike being a white Yank). A few years back they had a video on youtube where they were about to actually fight a small black girl while she had her baby. These guy are really hateful and not just against whites, they also hate black women.(To order: 718 712-5892) She writes "Many of the Israelites...

The High Court of Justice will hear an appeal Thursday against a decision by the state to deport 13 African-American Jews from Israel on the grounds that their conversion was bogus.

I've been seeing a lot of black folks going around with Wonder Woman bracelets and a scarf on their heads, wearing a gown talking about " I'm a Hebrew Israelite". These guy are really hateful and not just against whites, they also hate black women.

So, their only alternative is to steal someone else's culture and run with it. yea i think it's growing because blacks in america are desperate for an identity and they feel like slavery in america was the worst thing to happen in this world so they start believing they are 'the chosen race of people'when jews prove their hebrew dna and you face them with the various dna analysis done on AA's with NO hebrew dna they are still convinced they are the's very cultish.

The appeal was submitted a year ago by the Israel Religious Action Center, an organization affiliated with the Reform movement and that advocates on behalf of religious pluralism in the country.

The 13 African Americans, originally from Kansas City, Missouri, are all members of one extended family.