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I say this because, according to their profiles, every spare moment is devoted to running, skiing, hiking, climbing, rafting, unicycling, spelunking, parachuting into triathlons, and engaging in a variety of other calorie-burning gerunds.

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Don't over-do it of course or you'll seem like a passive aggressive needy desperado crying "Please love me! "Expressing confidence, isn't necessarily a bad thing of course. No profile pic makes it harder for your prospective partner in crime to be sure it's you. You didn’t spend 4 minutes with each so you have no way of ascertaining your relative popularity.

"If she's unavailable it gives her the opportunity to suggest an alternative date. Self-deprecation shows an honest self-awareness and ironically, a high level of confidence. The thinking goes that this will stop you seeming desperate and your lack of communication gives you an air of attractive mystery. This is the online equivalent of saying hello to someone in a bar and once they say hello back, you stare solidly ahead, studiously ignoring them for an hour because you think this will make them want you.8) Do use humour.

So how do you turn these online matches into something more substantial? You may have been the wittiest, most intelligent person in the room but if your Mixeo message doesn't reflect this you may as well not bother.3) Don't shower her with compliments. I enjoyed meeting you too.""No, I mean REALLY good company.

If it was so great then why did you only spend 3 seconds telling her so!?

And in terms of effect, it seems readers have adapted.

The best messages, the ones that get the highest response rate, are now only 40 to 60 characters By considering only messages of a certain length, and then asking how many seconds the message took to compose, we can get a sense of how much revision and effort translates into better results.

Users on Ok Cupid exchange about 4 million messages a day.

Of course, they do so with a special purpose — dating — but the interface provides no specific prompt and enforces no limit on what or how much anyone types.

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Ok Cupid has records from the pre-smartphone, pre-Twitter, pre-Instagram days — hell, it was online when Myspace was still a file storage service.

There is no possible world in which the phrase "Gr8 2 mt u" suggests it was in fact great to meet someone. Simply stating, "It was really good to meet you last night" won’t work.

How do you message someone to increase the possibility they will reply? This may sound obvious but given we're oh so mobile it can be very easy to slip into this modern version of baby babble. We all like being complimented but overdoing it is…

Judging by messaging over all those years, the broad writing culture is indeed changing, and the change is driven by phones.

Apple opened their app store in mid-2008, and Ok Cupid, like every major service, quickly launched an app. Users began typing on keyboards smaller than their palm, and message length has dropped by over two-thirds The average message is now just over 100 characters — Twitter-sized, in fact.