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Aunque por otro lado él sabe que, en el fondo, se pone muy burro cuando la ve fumar, y es entonces cuando le entran ganas de follársela, y después se enfada y la castiga por encenderse uno detrás de otro.

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My AOL/AIM name Alptraumfolter is the name I rp on.Any questions as to what I'll do, please ask but if it's already on here, I'll tell you to read. It's been too many years since I've gone to a group chat, so it makes me rather uncomfortable to even try.

If you change your mind about the account thing, I know Chatango is a popular anime type role play chat site and making an account there takes a username, password, e-mail, and about 15 seconds of your time, unless you take too long thinking of a name/pass.

I tested this plugin out in the past and only those who "joined" the roleplay channel were able to hear it so walking around the map you would never encounter roleplaying unless you manually went into the RP channel, but then you could not "hear" what was going on in other channels.

I want to use this plugin badly but I am struggling.

Is there a way to make different channels but have players automatically in all of the channels.

The reason for this is I want players wandering around the world to be able to "hear" roleplaying when they are in the right radius of a RP that is being done on the RP channel.