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This is something that most people will come to terms with in their lifetime, but it is something that a lot of people don’t like to realize even in their older age.

If you have a dream in which you see a dead celebrity in other words, it can be pretty crushing to you. i can't remember everything specifically but i know that we had a small, casual but respectful conversation.

I was wondering if he would fall asleep waiting for me, and kept looking at the clock because it was 10pm and I was afraid I would be late getting home. – Christine 44, Wear, NHLauri: In real life what are you preparing for that seems to be taking longer than anticipated? Moment.”Christine replies: I’m having a hard time pinpointing an answer to your first question but I’ve been wanting to change careers and get my high school diploma to go to college, but that isn’t something I‘ve started working on.

I also haven’t been losing the weight and I’ve been attempting that for some time now.

He was waiting for me in a bedroom and I was in my co-worker’s bathroom for an hour getting ready: showering, shaving, putting on makeup, etc. When a celebrity appears in our dreams the message they hold for us can usually be found in a role that they have played, a movie they have been in or in the title or lyrics of a song that they sing. Whatever it is, that is where we are going to get our “Aha!

But even so, this can be a great thing in terms of keeping you focused. it was at an event of some sort, possibly one that was being televised. this is actually scary to me because i recently have decided to give up on any aspirations of mine of pursuing a career in comedy or being an actress.

im only 18 so i still have plenty of time if i wanted to become either of these things but i have a hard time believing that i could achieve anything close to where i want to be.

Your confidence is rising but don’t trust your ego to get you to where you want to go, hard work is needed in order to truly succeed.

Dreaming that someone close to you is a celebrity denotes a fear of losing the relationship due to his/her increasing success.