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Bind updating outside zone

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This is perfectly fine, except that my working computer is on the same network as the web server, and the network is internal.

Anyone coming from outside the network (outside my house, in other words) will be able to view the article without a problem: a request is made to Oopsilon, which resolves (currently) to as before, but when the firewall receives that connection request, it sees a connection from the internal network to the outside world, and immediately back into the network. The configuration above states that any requests for the domain will be serviced by the zone file given.

From time to time, I write an article for the Oopsilon web site.

While the article is being written, I like to check that it's displaying correctly on the web site, which involves loading it up in a browser.

In tech speak, DNS resolves a name (domain name) into an IP address using a series of queries to authoritative DNS servers until the final answer, an IP address, is obtained.

Some of these advanced features, such as DNSSEC, TSIG, and IXFR (which are defined in the following section), should only be used in network environments with nameservers that support the features.

Every time we get email, access a web page, make a Vo IP call, or complete many other tasks, we use the Domain Name System (DNS).

That makes DNS part of the critical infrastructure of the Internet.

This article describes five things that you can do to keep you and your organization safe as well as reduce unnecessary load on the DNS infrastructure: ) or zone file fragments are included.

DNS is a complex, highly distributed system that operates on the hierarchical structure of domain names, so it is worth briefly covering some background.